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Product Name: Steel Rack – Mezzanines

Increase storage area to 200%

Quick and easy to assemble

Leverage warehouse space

Goods is loaded on the floor by electric hoist

Load on the floor: 300 – 2000 Kg /1m2

*  Contact : 0918223724 – 0918752515

*  Email    : tpp@tanphuongphat.com

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Product detail

It is similar to single-tier storage mezzanine, yet this mezzanine can be one, two or more level high as required.


Tan Phuong Phat design always ensures lighting and high safety and meet ventilation requirement for warehouse.

Tan Phuong Phat mezzanines are used for all types of warehouse. Storage mezzanine on upper level can be combined with underneath floor for production. Construction is fast and has no impact on production.

 Goods is lifted to the floor using electric hoist system or forklift truck. Right at mezzanine entrance, goods is manually placed onto mezzanine.

 Multi-tier mezzanine is the best solution to leverage warehouse space. It is quick and easy to assemble and suitable for all types of warehouse. It has low investment cost and quickly forms a new floor.

 Floor finishing can be made from materials such as pieced wood, steel, anti-slipping corrugated steel flooring, mica, particle bard, Okal board, MDF or antistatic rubber flooring.