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Product Name: Selective - Steel decking

  • Stocking can be done directly on the rack surface 
  • Load on the rack is from 2,000 to 6,000 kg/tier
  • Loading can be done by forklift or ladder
  • Length of beam bar is from 1200 to 4500mm
  • Racking surface is lined with sided steel or pieced wood 

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Product detail

  • Suitable for warehouse of loose parts, small-sized warehouse, chemical warehouse and warehouse with different goods packages (goods packed in pallets and loose goods with regular picking)
  • This solution can meet the demand for stocking heavy loads, pallets of different types which cannot be directly placed on two beam bars, and packages of loose cartoons and chemical boxes, etc.
  • Rack surface can be made of steel bar, assembled wooden panel or mesh. Loading can be done by forklift or specialized ladder