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Product Name: Angle V Slotted Racking

  • Stock handling can be manual or by ladder truck
  • Normal load is from 100 to 300kg/tier
  • Rack surface can be pieced wood or arched steel
  • Racking base is made of holed V steel
  • Capable of storing various types of goods
  • The entire steel frame is connected by clamp 
  • Contact: 0918752515 - 0908634227
  • Email : info@tanphuongphat.com  .


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Product detail

Tan Phuong Phat produces and supplies accessories for standard multi-purpose racking system meeting all customers’ needs

This racking system is various in models and suitable for storing loads from 100kg to 300kg for each racking tier made of holed V steel. It can be used to store goods or household appliances and in material warehouse.

It comes with standard and non-standard size which can be customized and easily installed in the places with narrow air space.

  • Various size
  • Surface of racking tier is lined with materals such as sheet steel board, mica, particle bard, MDF or antistatic rubber, etc.
  • Easily installed in any warehouse area
  • Adjustable height of tier as per usage
  • Widely used to store things such as office profiles, warehouse spare parts, household appliances and to display products, etc.
  • All Tan Phuong Phat racking systems are treated by powder coating or galvanized for anti-rusting during the usage.